Interlachen Sewer Rehabilitation

This project wrapped around Fairview and Blue Lake and included 11,000LF of aged sewer pipeline ranging from 6”-12” in diameter. An interesting challenge of this project was that the manholes were located on the lake and not on the...

Project US 30 Culverts

Iron Horse LLC installed multiple culvert liners that ran underneath of US 30 in Milwaukie.

N Vancouver & N Schmeer

Iron Horse LLC installed 356’ 15” CIPP mainline under the busy intersection of N Vancouver & N Schmeer.  After the mainline was installed, our robotic cutter was used to seamlessly reinstate laterals.

Juniper CIPP & T Liners

For the City of Gresham, the Iron Horse used CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) to restore 45 aged sewer laterals using the latest LMK T lining technology. Also included in this project the Iron Horse cleaned out over existing...


LOCA was our project for Andersen Construction. Our job was to vacuum slurry off of the concrete slab which was over 24’ deep. This slab required at least 50 loads of sludge that required removal within the contractor’s schedule...