For all pipe rehabilitation LMK Technologies includes the Insignia Gasket Seal, and Hydrophilic O-rings.  These strategically placed seals ensure a watertight collection system at the transitions of all rejuvenated pipelines and are necessary to ensure a seal from groundwater infiltration.

What is infiltration & inflow

Many private parties and municipalities are experiencing inflow and infiltration, or I&I, in their wastewater systems.  I&I occurs when groundwater and stormwater enter into their wastewater or sanitary sewer systems.  Inflow is stormwater that enters into sanitary sewer systems from connection points.  Infiltration is groundwater that permeates sanitary sewer systems through cracks and leaks in the pipelines.  Infiltration can occur from deterioration over time, poor design, improper maintenance, or root infiltration.  Depending on where the pipeline is located, groundwater can enter a pipe because it is under a water table or simply from the ground becoming saturated.

 The average lifespan of a pipeline ranges from 20-50 years, depending on the material used.  Once I&I is present in a pipeline, the system becomes overwhelmed and will eventually cause backups.  Many homeowners as well as municipalities and private property owners are now realizing issues like I&I in their current pipelines are in need of a solution.  Iron Horse LLC’s CIPP trenchless technology is that solution.