Iron Horse LLC employs the LMK Sectional Liner Process to restore  mainline pipes from 8”-36” up to 150’ in length while also continuously sealing the lateral connection up to 8’.  LMK Patented Hydrophilic O-Rings are implanted at the end points of the liner to ensure a water tight seal between the host pipe and the liner.  The positioning process allows the liner to be inverted with no trimming necessary, as well as allowing the liner to be inverted anywhere in the pipe and also ensures the resin will only release at the desired repair point due to our specialized launch hose. 

Sectional Liners

“LMK’s Performance Liner® Sectional process renews pipes from 8 to 36 inches in diameter and in continuous lengths up to 50 feet. The liner can be inverted anywhere in the pipe with no trimming or cutting. The result is a structural, root proof, watertight seal. Performance Liner Sectional conforms 100% to ASTM F2599-11. Gasket-sealing technology is used at the terminating points of the liner by embedding LMK patented Insignia™ Hydrophilic O-Rings between the liner and host pipe to ensure a watertight seal.

Compressible material is incorporated at the upstream and downstream ends of the liner for a smooth tapered transition to the old host pipe. During the positioning process, there is no resin loss because the liner is fully contained in the launch hose. Resin comes in contact with the pipe only at the point of repair and migrates into fractures and open joints creating a mechanical lock. Unlike other less precise systems, air pressure is never dropped, which would allow jarred sections of pipe to collapse onto the liner causing further damage and a potential dig. Other 2-step inversion systems also have an uneven resin distribution from the crown to the invert of the pipe. Performance Liner Sectional Repairs are a one-step, long-term, CIPP solution.”

Courtesy of LMK Technologies.