Using LMK Technology, the LMK T liner is a one piece main and lateral connection liner, using CIPP (cured in place pipe) will eliminate infiltration as well as root intrusion. The T Liner is a one piece, full circle system that seals the interface between the mainline and the lateral while extending up the lateral.  The T-Liner can handle bends and transitions for up to 200 feet from the mainline.  The renewal of lateral pipes and the main/lateral connection is typically performed by pressing a resin saturated mainline member against the interior of a mainline CIPP as a resin saturated liner tube is inverted into the lateral pipe. Most commonly, the lateral pipe is renewed to the public/private property line while utilizing a clean out .

  • 18” renewal of mainline
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Lateral lining up to 200’ long (to reach property line)
  • Engineered end seals to ensure a long term bonding

T liners

Trenchless lateral Rehabilitation.

Watch how our T liners are installed!

And the finished product…