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Iron Horse LLC is trained to install Saertex Multicom’s fiberglass liner with a UV curing system. We primarily use this liner for our larger diameter mainline installs. The UV cure process takes place from manhole to manhole with the capability to line up to 1500’ runs. The UV curing process invites flexible solutions to a multitude of needs, including pipe type, shape, flow, and transitions. After a UV liner is installed a customer can expect a shelf like of around 70 years.




  • 6″ – 48″ diameters available
  • Wall thicknesses: “3mm – 15mm”. Wall thicknesses are thinner to maintain overall hydraulic capacity and in most cases improve capacity
  • Flexural modulus of 1,740,000 psi max
  • Flexural strength of 36,259 psi max
  • Ideal in environmentally sensitive areas providing a low equipment footprint and environmental impact.
  • No styrene emission
  • No water used in curing process
  • Pre-inspected before curing to ensure smooth and uniform finished product allowing for a high degree of quality control and correction of undesirable conditions before the liner is cured
  • Less than .05% contraction. High degree of infiltration control and is the tightest fit CIPP liner available
  • Minimum 70 year design life
  • Guaranteed watertight
  • Minimum equipment and energy use