The LMK PVC Vac-A-Tee saddle is installed upstream from where the CIPP Lateral is to be installed.  The saddle is attached to a riser pipe which is equal to the depth from the surface down to the lateral pipe, creating a clean out for install of a CIPP Liner.  For install, a hole is vacuum excavated to meet the lateral pipe.  Then the saddle is snapped on to the host pipe and secured with an epoxy that creates a water-tight seal; which, is applied underneath the saddle pre install.  After successful install a diamond core saw created an opening to the lateral pipe.


“VAC-A-TEE is a trenchless cleanout installation system that is environmentally friendly, utility friendly, and installer friendly. Installed by means of hydro or vacuum excavation, the VAC-A-TEE system is a clean and safe method for installing a new cleanout, which provides access to the sewer lateral pipe for cleaning, lining, root removal, CCTV, etc. The system involves a patented PVC saddle, riser pipe of appropriate length, and proprietary hybrid adhesive/sealant. After a small diameter borehole has been created, the contractor applies the adhesive to the underside of the saddle and then snaps it onto the lateral pipe. Once the adhesive cures, it forms a watertight seal with the pipe, and a diamond core saw is then used to cut and remove the crown of the pipe. Finally, the borehole is backfilled, and sod is used to restore the landscaping, leaving the yard virtually untouched”.

Courtesy of LMK Technologies.